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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Obscure Composer, Part 1: 5 Pomes Penyeach recording is finished!

It's amazing how much work it can be to turn the visual lines and dots into a permanent sonic record. The gestation period for these five short songs, totalling less than six minutes, was over eleven months.

They were written quickly in late-night sessions, four of them in a five-day period (April 29 through May 2), then one more a couple of weeks later (5/14 [and revised a month after that]). I started rehearsing them soon after that with my good friend Kate Leahy, a soprano I know from my days in New Amsterdam Singers. I played the cello part on piano, and that's how it was performed at its premiere during a salon on July 9.

On August 15, Marc McCarron recorded Suzanne Mueller playing the cello parts in their home studio on Long Island. Kate overdubbed her vocal parts on January 5 at Kevin Keller's home studio in Inwood. And this past Monday (4/2) I returned to Kevin's place, where over the course of a challenging five-and-a-half hour session he edited, mixed, and mastered the tracks.

And now you can listen to them on my Soundcloud!

There's more to come: a new electronica artist, Black Crystal Fuck Wolf, is creating remixes of these songs.