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When I had to think of a title for this blog, an old song popped into my head:

Put another nickel in
In the nickelodeon
All I want is lovin' you
And music! music! music!

Actually, I hadn't remembered the lyrics correctly; I thought they went, "All I want to do is love some music, music, music," and I suppose that slip says a lot about me. While I'm not quite that one-dimensional, music is a large part of what I live for. And fortunately it's also been a way to make a living, although not so much currently. Not that it's about money, but I've been paid to be a singer, a composer, an arranger, a critic, and an editor (most notably for Creem and For seven years I worked at a record store (Sound Fix in Williamsburg); I've done sales, mail order, PR, A&R,  and marketing for several jazz labels (Black Saint, Soul Note, ESP-Disk').

In the process, I've been privileged to interact with many great musicians from a wide variety of genres. Often that interaction was in the form of interviews, and that's what this blog is mostly going to focus on: resurrecting old interviews I've done that I think are still of interest. I think the album notes I wrote for some CD booklets may also be of interest.

And, what the heck, I might as well promote my own music here once in a while. I have some classical compositions that you can listen to on Soundcloud as well as my old post-punk band Karen & the Compulsives.

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